Royal Air Force – The Exhibition

Update: The exhibition takes place from 12th to 26th October 2017 in the Morava Pavilion in the Brno Exhibition Center.

We would like to ask the descendants and families of both airmen and ground crew active during the World War II and earlier for their assistance and possibly to lend us photographs, correspondence, objects of personal use, uniforms and other items. Please send these to the organiser’s address: Ústav K 2001, z.ú., Muzeum českého, slovenského a rusínského exilu 20. století
Štefánikova 22, Brno 602 00 Czech Republic.

A draft concept of the project devoted to Czechoslovak pilots in World War II

Project name:

Knights of the Skies – Sky Riders

Nebští jezdci

Project authors:

Jan and Sabina Kratochvil, Muzeum českého, slovenského a rusínského exilu [Museum of Czech, Slovak and Ruthenian Exile]
20 stol. and Ústav K 2001, z.ú.
Main co-organiser: Moravské zemské muzeum [Moravian Museum],
Co-organisers: Národní muzeum [National Museum], Muzeum Policie ČR [Museum of the Czech Police], archiv města Brna [City of Brno Archive], ABS [Security Services Archive], archives of UDV Policie ČR [Office for Documentation and Investigation of the Crimes of Communism, the Czech Police], archives of Jaroslav Popelka

Previous projects (PDF)

Draft financial plan:

The overall project sum has not been calculated, but it will include the whole exhibition including all displays, accompanying publications for schools and/or public libraries, a documentary movie, film projection at the Brno exhibition centre and other costs associated with the preparation and production of the exhibition and the accompanying publication. We anticipate a subsidy from the city of Brno and from the South Moravian Regional Government, we have also contacted smaller communities – the birthplaces of Czech pilot veterans for minor financial support. We have been promised a subsidy from the Moravské zemské muzeum by its general director Mr. Mitáček, sponsorship from Brno Airport promised by its chairman of the board Jiří Filip, additional sponsorship from Alta Brno, a.s., a regular sponsor of our projects – currently being discussed with Vladimír Plašil, the chairman of the board of Alta directors. Additional sponsors are still to be won.

Nebeští jezdci


The International Engineering Fair 2017, as approved by Petr Vokřál, the Mayor of the city of Brno

Exhibition and Exhibits:

The exhibition will be based mainly on extensive photographic documentation and 3D artefacts to support its importance and educational aspect. These will include original uniforms of wing commanders and star pilots supplemented by their personal belongings including decorations by generals.
We are negotiating a loan of a full-size Spitfire. The exhibition programme should include interviews with the last living pilots from the RAF, but also from Germany – as a confrontation of former enemies.
Both the exhibition and accompanying publication will include information and photographic documentation on all pilots of Czechoslovak origin being active during the World War II in the UK, France, the Soviet Union or in the Slovak National Uprising.
The exhibition should partly include topics such as the pre-war air force, pilots’ emigration during the war, subsequent operations in France, the Foreign Legion, transfer from France to the UK, training in Cosford, St. Athan, Shellingford, different air wings, Czechoslovak airmen in captivity, training in Canada and the Bahamas, commemoration of airmen killed in action, and participation in the Slovak National Uprising.

An extensive publication will be issued together with the exhibition containing all the photographic documentation and informative texts.
Both the publication and the exhibition will be based predominantly on photographic and 3D artefacts, as this is clearly the easiest way to grasp the quality information for both the young generation and older visitors.

Royal Air Force

Exhibition co-authors and co-operators:

Moravian Museum represented by its general director Jiří Mitáček,
South Moravian Region, Statutory city of Brno, city of Brno archive represented by its director Mr. Blažek, Office for Documentation and Investigation of the Crimes of Communism – the Czech Police, Museum of the Czech Police, Czechoslovak Community of Legionnaires in Brno represented by Tomáš Jambor, archive of Jaroslav Popelka, University of Defence – František Hanzlík, descendants of WWII veterans and many others.
CONTACT: Ústav K 2001 z.u., IČO: 04810872, Štefánikova 93/22, Brno
Address: Jan Kratochvil, Muzeum českého, slovenského a rusínského exilu 20.století, Štefánikova 22, Brno 602 00, Czech Republic
You can send your financial contribution to the open account of Ústav K 2001, z.ú., account No.: 2112694990/2700
IBAN:  CZ 44 2700 0000 0021 1269 4990

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